Winter Roofing Promotion

Re Roof Now or Wait Untill Spring?
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Save up to $1,000 on your next project

This winter we are offering a discount of up to $1000 on your roofing job. This special is on all roofs if you sign a contract with Roofing leader Inc. before March 31st, 2013. Save big on our guaranteed services.

Sign a Roofing Contract before the Prices Rise

Roofers are the busiest between the late spring and  fall. This is when they get most of their business. If you choose to get your new roof at this time you could either be on a waiting list, or it would take weeks for the roofers to finish building your roof. So to avoid this you should choose to have your roof built during the slowest time of the year. Another reason that you want to avoid getting your new roof built during the busiest times of the year is because prices are the highest around then. You could generally expect to get charged with a premium if you sign a contract when we are busiest. So get it done at the beginning of the spring.

If your roof  is starting to look rough, or you suspect water damage, give us a call and take advantage of our free estimate and discount offer today.

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